Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Over at Open Book

Lot of Terri updates

Our True Masters (TM) foam at the mouth as they demand that we who value Terry's life be reasonable. Still, I'd rather be consistent than reasonable. I suppose they'd have a point that Terry's life is not worth living--if they could ask Terry, or rather, ask a Terry who also is an apostate to her Roman Catholic Faith.

Perhaps they really want to take Michael's word for it. I'd call that charitable, if such benevolence didn't end in Judicially-sanctioned execution. Funny that, the same Masters that would light up the night sky outside an execution site topped with barbed wire and guntowers can't find candles to stand outside a Hospice. Mind you, I have reservations about the death penalty's use in our country--particularly in a capital sentence handed down upon an innocent. Like Terry.

The determination of our True Masters(TM) to complete the Enlightenment-born experiment in human-mastery-of-life-without- God (after hopefully taming that pesky post-modernism that keeps gnawing at the loins) truely boggles the mind. Take God out of the picture, as they have (whether they honestly admit it or not) and one can almost see their point. Why shouldn't a person's choice to end one's life be honored? What other standard is there. Of course, this again obviates the fact that the person didn't choose to be born, so to what extent is one's life one's own? In fact, without God, why can't the state come in and compel a person to live--or die--whatever that person might prefer?

They never seem to get that part.

All of which is why I find the Foolishness of God far more illuminating than any treastis on the superiority of humanity or the sacred choice of self. Unfortunately, I--and the rest of us Fools--don't get to make the decision that allows a sister in Christ to experience such illumination, or at least the possibility of it, in this life. They've already decided: the "husband" with the live-in girlfriend and kids gets to carry out Terry's "final wish".

Would that this were a time Jefferson was wrong.