Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Basie!: on WP on "The New Face of the Court"

Jonathan Singer of Basie! posts this analysis from the Washington Post on the President's SCOTUS nomination. Dan Balz and Charles Lane see Judge Robert's nomination as Bush's attempt to move the Court to the political right. However, they also see this as a wise political decision:
One of Roberts's key advantages is his strong reputation among fellow members of the Washington bar, including many Democrats. Those relationships figure to earn him the support -- or at least the neutrality -- of a constituency that may otherwise be well placed to make the confirmation process difficult for the administration.

"John Roberts is one of the most measured, thoughtful judges out there," said John A. Rogovin, a Washington lawyer who served in the Justice Department during the Clinton administration and as general counsel of the independent Federal Communications Commission.
The Democrats face a challenge if they chose to filibuster Judge Robert's nomination. He is a respected lawyer and judge even among Democrats. If the Senate Dems filibuster him on account of his ideology, they'll transparently play the kind of politics that offends the middle and swing voters. However, judging from the rhetoric of the hardcore left--the volatile base of the Democratic party--The Senate Dems face alienating their own party faithful if they don't filibuster. NARAL and Alliance for Justice have made it clear that they don't want to see Roberts on the SCOTUS bench.

President Bush shows some political acumen in this nomination. He's managed to stand on principle while placing his opposition in a potential bind. While Fools work to support Judge Roberts confirmation in whatever ways we can, one of us should get the popcorn. Things will get REAL interesting once the heat's on.