Saturday, July 23, 2005

Catholic Netizens Say No to ESCR!

Katolik Shinja posts this story from CBCK. It's good new! Behold:
Catholic netizens, Catholics who frequent the Internet, showed their opposition to the embryonic stem cell research. 66% of the Catholic netizens answered negatively to the question "Do you agree to the embryonic stem cell research of Dr. Hwang Woo-seok?" This was one of the questions asked by the first joint opinion poll of Catholic Times, a Korean Catholic newspaper, and Goodnews, a Catholic Internet portal site. The theme of this poll was "What do you think about the embryonic stem cell research?"

This result is somewhat surprising because recently many Koreans have shown their consent to Dr. Hwang. For example, many Protestants in Korea agreed to Dr. Hwang's research as shown by the recent opinion poll of Christian Today, a Korean Protestant newspaper. 61% of the respondents from 5 large Protestant churches in Seoul said yes to the research of Dr. Hwang. Only 21% showed their opposition.
Fools all over the internet cry out! I love it when a plan comes together. Even if it isn't my plan!

How much more clear do we have to make it? ESCR causes the death of innocent human life! Machievelle was wrong: The ends do not justify the means. Two wrongs do not make a right! We can't do evil so that good may come of it! What is so hard to understand about all this?

Oh, but the Reasonable just don't get it. "Why are they so Foolish?", they must wonder, "Do they honestly believe that a clump of cells is a person?"

The last time I checked, that "clump of cells" becomes a baby in nine months. If that "clump of cells" is allowed to grow. Since when is a formative stage of development grounds for stating that a person is not a person? Since the Ka-ching! rolls in. Since abortion is the keys to the Absolute Individual kingdom, with it's devotion to the One Thing That Matters. That's when.

ESCR is the new metaphysical cover. It keeps the consciences of a nation of ambivelents nice and cozy. That's why the Reasonable won't give it up.

Thankfully, Fools aren't buying it. Especially the ones on the net. Now, if only we could bring those numbers in the real world that high...