Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vatican Blasts Canada for "Violent Attacks Against the Family"

Lifesite news has the story. The Catholic Church will not go gently into that goodnight. She rages against the dying of the light, to paraphrase the late Dylan Thomas. First, the Vatican called on Italians to boycott the vote to liberalize Italy's laws against IVF and ESCR. Next, officials in the Holy See told the Spanish Bishops to not oppose demonstrators that planned to protest Spain's "gay marriage" law. Now, the Vatican's newspaper condemn's Canada's attempt to redefine marriage. The details:
The Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has characterized the recent passage of Canada's Bill C-38 as a manifestation of "violent attacks aimed at the natural family -- based on a union between a man and a woman."

The Vatican newspaper paper's theme is a reiteration of then-Cardinal Ratzinger's 2003 document, "Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons." The official teaching document from the Catholic Church's highest doctrinal authority was widely vilified and it particularly infuriated left-leaning Canadian Catholic politicians who habitually support socialist pet causes.
The Pope makes it clear that he's behind the message of L'Osservatore Romano, in case anyone has any doubts:
In early June, Pope Benedict XVI said that the equation of homosexuality with marriage was contributing to the "dissolution of matrimony," and the undermining of the social supports of society.

In a speech to a conference on families held by the Diocese of Rome, the Pope said, "The various forms of the dissolution of matrimony today, like free unions, trial marriages and going up to pseudo-matrimonies by people of the same sex, are rather expressions of an anarchic freedom that wrongly passes for true freedom of man."
the efforts to establish "gay marriage" are symptoms of the wider disorder that affect the world today. That disorder is the determined effort spearheaded by the Reasonable to institutionalize the new commandment of the Great I Am: "I am the Lord, My God. I will have no Gods before ME." They have absolutized freedom and the Self and made everything else instrumental. That's easy to do if one questions whether or not Universal Truth exists or can be known. That's easy to do if questions of Universal Truth and its accompanying implications about morality can be relegated to the sphere of personal privacy. All one has to do then is ensure that everyone's "rights" are protected. Since, of course, We are All that Matters.

What happens to societies that deny Truth? What happens when the Source and Summit of all Life, in whom "our hearts are restless until they rest in thee", is replaced in the hearts of people by the Great I Am? Look at the news. The willing and unwitting legion of Evil's agents march unopposed. The consequences of their campaign litter every newspaper front page and lead every broadcast.

"Gay marriage" will play it's part. More and more people throughout the world will lose that miraculous sense of what marriage is. It will be seen more as that "thing to do" or that "civil contract" than as the living reality of life-giving love that represents Christ's love for us. Sad.

Fortunately, Fool like the Pope and those at the Vatican refuse to keep silent. Their prophetic cry may fall on the Reasonable's deaf ears. We hear them loud and clear, though. We act. The darkness will not stand against the light. As we summon up the courage to proclaim the Gospel anew and return Christ to the world that has forgotten him, watch the Reasonable scream in horror as people turn away from the worship of Great I Am. People want love, and when we show them Love, they will choose well. Time to move it! Ultreya!