Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Spotlight On Darfur 2 is up

Eddie over at Live from the FDNF hosts the cyber-wake-up call here.

Here's a sample:
There are also several organizations out there doing a world of good in the face of this tragedy, they include the Genocide Intervention Fund, Save Darfur and many many others, especially countless churches and synagogues who have risen to the challenge with characteristic grace and effort. And now to the October Spotlight On Darfur:

Darfur120904b Zenpundit reminds us that the atrocities in Sudan are not too large, too remote or too dangerous to be dealt with by the great powers. Indeed, the problem lies in that the suffering is perceived by statesmen as being marginal and tolerable compared to doing something.

Total Information Awareness lambastes the Big Media for its inattention to Darfur and other atrocities, making the (painfully true) observation that public broadcasting and NPR alone are responsibly reporting events in Darfur. Regardless of political bias differences, FOX News and CBS (among others) alike are more interested in their bottom line (profits) than their responsibilties (reporting the news).

The Cardinal @ International-Views highlights Nat Hentoff's broadside against Sudan and the UN in his recent Washington Times column, whose title tells it all; "United Nations Uselessness"...
Full Disclosure: I submitted a post for inclusion in the spotlight. Being a member of the Coalition for Darfur, how could I do anything else?

There's much, much more in the Spotlight. It's a must-read. Go check it out!