Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An Alito Round-up

Mirror of Justice has an extensive array of perspectives on SCOTUS nominee Judge Samuel Alito--from Fools on both sides of the political spectrum.

Jay Anderson of Pro Ecclesia has joined the Confirm Alito coalition. Hmmm...

Oswald Sobrino of Catholic Analysis has joined the coalition as well.

BA Higgins of A Certain Slant of Light likes Alito, too.

More voices from St. Blog's opine on Alito.

Mark Shea approves, too.

Michelle Malkin's on board and offers a political Blogger's smorgesboard.

The Love's flowing free for Judge Alito. He sounds like the right nominee this time. So, the President gets the mulligan. I commend him for making the right call this time.

May Judge Alito become the Supreme Court's next Associate Justice.