Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Red Guy in a Blue State on Alito: "Translation: He's Qualified"

J. Philip, the Red Guy in a Blue State analyzes the repeated failure of the Democrats to tarr and feather Judge Alito as an extremist.

Beginning with an excerpt from today's NY Times:
For the most part, his handling of questions from Democrats had the effect of leaving his questioner shuffling through papers in search of the next question.

Judge Alito was not Judge Roberts, to be sure - far less personable, rarely smiling and struggling to draw even the occasional burst of laughter. But he came across as far less ideological than Democrats have suggested, undercutting their efforts to stir public opposition by portraying his writing as outside the American mainstream.
He observes:
This is quite accurate. Ted Kennedy prefaced his questions with long-winded preambles, resplendent with incredulous presuppositions that read like they were lifted from a script, only to have the Judge deflate the whole thing in about three even keeled, civil sentences. It was obvious that for the past few months Democratic researchers have cherry picked his entire career for any case they could Bork him with, and they came up empty.
That's about right. I'm not surprised; look who's doing the cherry-picking. That's right: Democratic Senate staffers are. Now, how far from the Reasonable tree do you think the fruit falls. These folk may share their masters' blind spots.

Like a presumption that rights derived from a prenumbra within the 14th ammendment constitute good law. Or that only Christian extremists question the sacrament of Abortion.

The Moloch-worshippers's sellpols have convinced themselves that Judge Alito is simply a Bush lackey. Therefore, he must be as Foolish as the president of course. It should have been a simple task, then, to show him up as the extremist he is.

Too bad for them, they can't do it.

Judge Alito has apparently proved too mainstream for their low-rent rhetoric. What a tragedy.

A Justice may join the court that believes in interpreting law rather than making it. Horror of horrors!

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