Wednesday, January 18, 2006


A Kaleidescope of visions flowed out of the depths of me the other day. I had prepared myself for contemplative prayer by relaxing my whole body and mind. Well, visions make great fodder for verse.

A sea of molton lava
Orange as a blood sunset
A torrent falls
down black igneous slopes
an enshadowed volcanoe
A night as thick
as the heart of the Earth
gone cold at last

Unseen fists beat
unseen foes within
the deep darkness
unspoken rage flails
in silent screams
against unspoken terrors
while the lava
pours down

Sam and Frodo
Galadria, caught up
in swirling winds and
Elven architecture
pierced by a radiant sun
that knifes the
whirlpool of wind and cloud

Voices, songs
Questions and testimonies
A Quest given
A charge entrusted
The joy of a young
man and woman's matrimony,
poured wine and ail
Children running underfoot.