Wednesday, February 01, 2006

One of those Days...

Yes, it was a long day.

It began at the intersection of Pelham Parkway and Boston Post Road. A traffic cop snagged me for making an "improper left turn." That's city-speak for "give us more revenue!" since there was no sign forbidding a left turn from my lane.

It continued with one of my new team-teaching partners getting miffed in front of our new class. I had just told him of my boss' temporary re-assignment of me to special department duties. The boss had told me yesterday, at the end of the day. Yeah, I can understand how he feels. But hey! I just got nailed for a $90 ticket! Give me a break!

The pile-on of work buried me in a Tsunami of red tape. How was I going to meet the deadline? I couldn't even find half the people I needed to see! By lunchtime, I had wished I'd caught the red eye to Europe. Better to try out Dhimmitude then get jacked into the Department. Well, maybe not, but hey--I was desperate for some daylight!

The first signs of hope came at the end of my third hour of overtime. Yes, urban teachers can make overtime. No, it's not as pro-rated as you'd think. Anyways, I had assembled all the binders that I could, given the work I had received. Many looked ready to go. Only a few need other subjects. After the end of one of those days, I could breath easier at last.

I arrived home at 7:00--just in time for Broker's Open House left-overs, the feast my father had prepared earlier. There was plenty to spare.

So there's a glimpse of why I've been so quiet today. I hope to have more Foolish things to say tomorrow. Expect me when you see me!