Thursday, March 09, 2006

Crucifying the Lord Anew

Guardian Unlimited has this headline: "Top U.S. Bishop Accused of Sex Abuse" (Hat tip to Jay Anderson)

The sorid details:
A woman has filed a claim that she was sexually abused more than 40 years ago by Bishop William Skylstad, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops and leader of the Spokane Diocese.

Skylstad issued a statement Wednesday categorically denying the accusation, saying he has not violated the vow of celibacy he took 47 years ago.

The claim was filed against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Spokane on Dec. 27 by a woman who said she was under the age of 18 when Skylstad sexually abused her at St. Patrick's Parish and at Gonzaga University from December 1961 to December 1964.

Skylstad, 70, was a student at Gonzaga University from 1962-1966 and taught mathematics to students at Mater Cleri Seminary at Colbert, north of Spokane.

The diocese is one of three in the nation that filed for bankruptcy protection to deal with claims of sexual abuse by clergy. Skylstad last month offered to settle with 75 victims for $45.7 million.

The woman's claim was filed as a result of the bankruptcy ``proof of claims'' process, the diocese said.

Victims of clergy sexual abuse have until Friday to file claims. Greg Arpin, an attorney representing the diocese, said there were a total of 135 claims as of Wednesday morning, including the original 75 who would be covered by the settlement.

The woman's claim was first reported Wednesday by the Spokesman-Review newspaper of Spokane.
The long snare of the sexual abuse scandal stretches out it's poisoned tendril once again. I won't rush to judgement. But I'm disheartened even by the accusation.

St. Augustine, pray for us!