Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick's Day Amateur Catholic style

Browse around.

You'll like it.


I mean it.

Here's a taste:
St. Patrick's Day Shocker: Welsh Babe Tops Irish Chick in "Wall Street" Poll

If I were "Wall Street" star Michael Douglas and had the following choice of women:

Snarky, bitter, man-hating spinster


Second-hottest woman on the planet
(top honors, of course, going to Mrs. Anderson)

... I think I'd make the same choice he did.

Before anyone accuses me of being unpatriotic for not choosing a daughter of Erin over a chick from Wales, just remember that St. Patrick was probably Welsh.

And besides, I may be Irish, but I ain't stupid.
Told you! Check it out!

Update: Jay Anderson of Pro Ecclesia, and a charter member of Amateur Catholic, updates me here:
I've now deleted that post.

Sorry about that, Fool, and thanks again for the link.
Oh, well. You can still see the sample here.

I don't share the objections of those well-meaning Fools that commented on Jay's post. While I recognize the possibility of scandal, I'm also well aware of the opposite trap: falling prey to the "Manichean Demon" that Christopher West discusses.

Sexuality is a gift from God. Sexual attraction is an aspect of this gift. Beauty is a crucial component of this attraction. Jay's point, if I read him right, was to demonstrate that the beauty within complements the attractiveness without. He also asserts the opposite: the ugliness within contradicts the attractiveness without. His humorous use of exemplars from media/pop culture, representative of Irish and Welsh ethnics respectively, helped him make this point. Call it the ironic hat-tip to the Nationalists' appropriation of St. Patrick's day.

Not all sensuousness is licentious. Let's not confuse sexual attractiveness the gift with the continuum of pornography, the abuse of the gift. In Jay's case, the context makes the difference, and I for one tip my hat to him!