Thursday, March 23, 2006

Unanswered Questions

Joseph Capizzi of The Fact Is asks Gary Wills a question he refuses to answer:
Wills says the Church is responsible for murder in Africa because it denies condoms to men who have AIDS and who through their sexual practices spread AIDS to women and children. But why are these men and women engaging in dangerous sex? Why, in the United States, are homosexual men choosing to engage in increasingly dangerous forms of sex?

In Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II puts God's question to Cain "What have you done?" to us, to make us "realize the extent and gravity of the attacks against life which continue to mark human history; to make [us] discover what causes these attacks and feeds them. . ." What have we done, in other words, to facilitate and foster violence against our brothers and sisters, against our neighbor? He adds, "What of the spreading of death caused by . . . the promotion of certain kinds of sexual activity which, besides being morally unacceptable, also involve great risks to life?" (EV 10) What have we done, that is, to contribute to this?

And that is the prior question which Wills and his peers fear to ask, because while pointing a finger at the Church for her stance on contraception causes no social consternation and even wins one points in the public square, the real question, "What have you done?" remains.
Say Amen! Call the Pope a murderer because the Church won't condone condom distribution, and the Reasonable salute your courage. Call the architechts of the sexual revolution murderers, and listen for the crickets; The Reasonable will leave you out in the cold.

Mr. Wills acquiesence to the Absolute Individualism of our Reasonable Masters puts his witness to shame. May he, and his Foolable comrades, realize the dupes they have been. The world needs their voices echoing the Truth. It has more than enough Reasonable spin.