Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Meditation II

Monsignor Clark's Homily of the Day:
"I wonder if that isn't the essence of Jesus' last words to us before ascending to heaven. 'Go out to the whole world,' he says to us all, 'and tell the good news.' Now in its literal sense, telling means using words, talking. And who can deny that talking is important if we want to share good news? But talk is cheap; and, as Dimmesdale reminds us, it always has been. So if we have any hope of following Jesus' command to proclaim the good news, we're going to have to do a lot more than talk, a lot more than just tell the truth. We're going to have to be true. Be true on the inside. And from that truthfulness on the inside will spring forth not only words that are true, but deeds that are true. Deeds that, in their rightness and goodness, shout to the whole world what really matters, deeds that proclaim to the whole world that God is here, living in the hearts of his people.

God has given us an immense mission, telling his good news to all the world. So we truly need to pray for one another:

May God help us become true on the inside, so that every word and deed of ours may speak his good news till that day when he will speak it to us all face to face. Amen."
Be true, the gospels say. Walk our talk. Put the truth to our words.

These are the defining characteristics of integrity.

That virtue often seems in short supply these days. Even your humble Fool finds himself wanting more often then not.

(updated: I pulled some personal material about work off this post. Let's just say that I'd rather delve too deeply into the affairs of my employment. Besides, this is my time off! ;))