Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Wing And A Prayer's expression "Of Grateful Praise"

Ron Rolling offers his thanks!
Wow. Where do I start?

I am normally a man of few words, so it's relatively easy to leave me speechless. But, words are all I have right now. With what has happened in the past week, I am still shaking my head in amazement.

It is time to close the ledger and open my heart on acknowledging all who have done me the greatest kindness I have ever experienced. Virtual strangers, one and all. People I have never met, nor probably will. That you reached out and helped is still beyond my comprehension.

So, with a grateful and humble heart, I need to say "thank you".
Thank you, everyone, that answered the call to help him! For when we did, we answered not only his call, but our Lord's.

"Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me!"

May God be praised!