Monday, May 08, 2006

Back-pedalling on Bishops

Catholic News Agency has the story:
"Another Catholic bishop was ordained in China Sunday — the third in eight days— in a ceremony that was approved by the Vatican, unlike the controversial first two, which, the Vatican said could result in a series of excommunications.

The local cathedral was packed for the ordination of the new auxiliary bishop, Pei Junmin, 36, who was trained in Philadelphia. Several U.S. and other foreign guests also attended. During the ceremony, part of the decree from the Pope approving the consecration was read in Latin, reported the New York Times.

The ordination of a new auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of Shenyang came three days after Pope Benedict XVI sharply rebuked China for consecrating two bishops in the past eight days without Vatican approval.

China responded over the weekend by describing the Pope's criticism as 'unfounded' and defending the ordinations as within the bounds of the government, reported the Times."
Looks like Beijing overplayed it's hand. Inspite of calling Pope Benedict XVI criticism "unfounded," they managed to ordain a priest whom the Holy See approves.

Perhaps the communists should honor the integrity of the Apostlic tradition long enough to warm relations. Pope Benedict XVI still wants to normalize relations with China. Beijing should help him do so.