Thursday, June 01, 2006

Drowning in the Kool Aid

It doesn't pay to drown one's sanity in kool aid. Just ask Lauren Weiner.

Lo-Hud has the story:
"A Pound Ridge woman has pleaded guilty to conspiracy for her role in an eco-terrorism plot to blow up a U.S. Forest Service lab and other targets in northern California, federal prosecutors said.

As part of her plea entered Tuesday in federal court in Sacramento, Lauren Weiner, 20, agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and testify against her two co-defendants, Eric T. McDavid, 28, of Foresthill, Calif., and Zachary O. Jenson, 20, of Monroe, Wash. Both have been held since their arrest in January.

Weiner's parents posted her $1.2 million bond about two weeks after her Jan. 13 arrest, and she was allowed to return to live with her mother at their Pound Ridge home. Her attorney, Jeffrey S. Weiner of Miami, could not be reached for comment yesterday. He is related to the family.

The three were charged with conspiracy to damage and destroy property by fire and explosives. Specifically, authorities allege they planned to set off homemade explosives at Nimbus Dam and Nimbus Fish Hatchery outside Sacramento and the Forest Service's genetics lab in Placerville.

According to an indictment, the three were planning to act on behalf of the Earth Liberation Front, an underground environmental-activist group that has been deemed a terrorist movement by federal authorities. However, an undercover informant for the FBI posed as an ELF sympathizer and infiltrated the group."
Has anyone truly accomplished any lasting good by committing heinous crimes? Why does the tired trope of the terrorists continue to attract the most saliva-spent of the mouth-foamers? Ms. Weiner may have thought she could save the earth by blowing up a few US Forest Service facilities. She now faces a future in which she'll testify against her fellow eco-terrorists. Not to mention whatever time is in the cards!

Meanwhile, the Earth she sought to protect faces the same exploitation that motivated her mouth-foaming.

Exactly what has she accomplished?


That's why it doesn't pay to imbibe the kool aid.

Too bad the carpet-slobberers that drown in it won't listen.