Thursday, July 06, 2006

Patriarch Positive on Russian Orthodox/Roman Catholic Unity

The shadow deepens every day. More and more the influential celebrate the denigration of the Truth. The Dictatorship of Relativism tightens its tyrannic grip. In the face of this gathering gloom, the world needs the light of the Gospel.

The union of the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church would further the spreading of the light.

Patriarch Alexy II understands this.

Catholic News Agency has the latest on the troubled relations:
Russian Patriarch Alexy II insisted on the need for the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches to cooperate facing the challenges of the current culture in modern Europe, reported Interfax.

The primate of the Russian church made the comment at the World Religious Summit, held in Moscow, from July 3 to 5.

Uniting the two churches with a common position on issues of the day, “presents a wonderful opportunity to witness about Christian values before the world,” he said.

Alexy II also thanked Pope Benedict XVI for his support for the summit and said the participation of a Vatican delegation at the interreligious summit “testifies to the positive development of relations between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. The Pope did not attend the summit.

Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said the Vatican shares the concerns of the Russian Orthodox Church about attempts to marginalize religion in Europe and throughout the world.
Christ himself warned us that a house divided against itself cannot stand. For far too long, Christianity has stood divided while the enemies of Truth and Love prey on the vulnerable. Let us all pray that the Church, whom Christ himself united through the shedding of his blood, become one again. The world deserves a united witness to the truth. Isn't it time we gave such a testimony?