Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In the Embrace of Darkness...

What happens when a people once followed a reflection of the Light, but then became lost in the shadow?

They shake their fist in fury when confronted with the radiance. The light illuminates their actions and shatters their illusions. We're too often prepared to kill for our illusions rather than die for Reality.

Islamists and Jihadists throughout the muslim world continue to shake their fists at the Holy Father. His inexecusable crime in delivering one quote from a besieged Byzantine Emperor must not go unpunished. His insistance that no one acts in accord with God outside of reason must be denied with everything they have. They can't afford to consider his offer.

The Light will burn away the last trace of shadow. That's the trouble. For far too many in the Islamic world, the shadow is all they have.

The Anchoress understands. That's why she wisely asks, "After Friday’s 'Day of Rage,' then what?"
But listen, the Muslims quoted above have said this “Day of Rage” is not “Jihad.” They’ve said they need the world to see that they are “aggrieved,” again. So good, say I; do it. Have your day of rage. Let the world see how very, very angry you are. But when you’re done raging on Friday and it comes to Saturday…then what? Then will you be ready to sit down and talk about your faith and your grievances, like adults? Finally? Will that be the point at which you can settle down and talk to the rest of humanity like human beings, in the same respectful tones you say you seek?

What do you think will happen after your “Day of Rage?” Do you think the world will offer you Benedict XVI, so you can slaughter him and dance in his blood? That’s not going to happen. So, you need to plan on how you’re going to deal with the world the next day. Because you can’t keep on raging. That simply won’t do. It’s getting more than a little tiresome.

When my kids were little and angry and they needed to have a temper tantrum to get something out of their system, I’d let them have the tantrum. And when the tantrum was over, we’d discuss whatever had been bothering them sanely, rationally, fairly. And then I’d make them clean up the mess they’d made while they were screaming and kicking and throwing things around. Most of the time, I’d help them with that clean-up.

The world is going to watch what happens on the day after your “Day of Rage,” with interest. If the world sees that you have finally spent your rage and are ready to talk and to start cleaning up the messes, the world will very likely welcome your readiness to engage in dialogue, and very likely the world will try to help with the clean-up, too.

But if the world sees that the “Day of Rage” brings nothing lasting, produces nothing worthwhile and promises only further rage at some distant date…well…then I’m afraid the world may very well decide that you’ve raged enough.

Or, you know…it won’t. In which case things will go on like this indefinitely, until everyone’s children are dead. Are we all on a road to perdition or to civilization?
The West may not muster the will to ensure that civilization continues. The Jihadists will not stop until the shadow reigns supreme and unchallenged.

That will never happen. The Darkness has sought to consume the Light since the dawn of time. It can deceive the broken-hearted and sin-weakened to spill seas of blood in its continued lust for dominance. It can shatter the culture that has nourished adoration of the light. It can bring millions to ruin. None of that will defeat the Light.

Muslims can either embrace the share of truth that their tradition possesses, or they can continue to participate in their tradition's collapse. Their decision determines to what extent they will embrace the freedom to be the children of God that they are. The more they embrace the jihadist's islamo-fascistic vision of Islam, the more enslaved to the shadow they will become.