Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Colbert on Pope Benedict

Is this priceless comedy or what?

Hat tip to Gerald Augustinus and the Curt Jester.

What can one make of Mr. Colbert? Is he truly a believing Catholic and a genuine Fool? Or is he the most Foolable of pretenders out to ham up his ratings?

CVSTOS FIDEI believes he is:
Last nights Colbert Report on the Comedy Central had Stephen Colbert (the host of course) on his "The W├śRD" segment come out defending the Pope in Turkey and putting Islam in their place because Jesus is the Son of God, not a prophet. The audience seemed a bit shock but they came around to his comedy and began applauding again, after Stephen Colbert recited the Nicene Creed of all things!

Stephen Colbert is a comedian that is the host of this show. It's basically a mock-news show of a clueless conservative playing to the crowds liberal sensibilities. I've been wary to say if he is orthodox in his Catholicism, but every little bit that I see of him brings me closer to the realization that he is at least an honest Catholic trying to practice our Catholic faith. Maybe even a practicing, dare I say, orthodox Catholic? One can only hope.
I'd like to share his hope. Mr. Colbert himself offers an interesting testimony:


He certainly jokes about Catholicism and Catholics like an inside man. Even if he's not, it doesn't change one thing: He is one funny comedian!

Update: Welcome, Happy Catholic readers!

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