Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A piercing Glance

There's nothing to see here. So pay the Anchoress a visit.

Trust me:
Erhmmm…that got a little dicey-with-irony after a while. All those embryonic women talking about their futures, their boundless potentialities all while simultaneously calling for routine elimination of human embryos - excuse me, “products of conception” who were regarded as mere “clump of cells” whose destruction was compared to having a tooth pulled, and whose potentialities were considered quite irrelevent if they were to get in the way of a “real, living” woman’s opportunities.

Of course, the abortion debate is never ending, and the ante has been upped now, as some leaders of the Church of England think sick newborn babies should just be killed. Euthanasia is just a really late-term abortion, right? Euthanasia is the new answer to not letting anything stand in your way, whether it be a handicapped child, or a slowed-down parent. And it’s coming to a Soylent Green Clinic near you.

Ah, the progress of the progressives and the pelvic left marches on. Birth control was supposed to free women (mostly it freed men) and abortion was supposed to make “every child a wanted child.” Now, if your child is not the right sort of child, it doesn’t matter if you want it or not, you should not have it. If you (or your growing baby) are not fit to be perfectly productive, then you owe it to society to either kill the baby or die yourself, rather than inflict such vulgar weaknesses upon the rest of us. Society has nothing to learn from you, and you have nothing to teach it. Better to die and, as old Scrooge noted, “decrease the surplus population”.

All these decades later, the “enlightened” boomers have learned nothing about The Holiness of Be-ing, even though they have had some great instruction put before them.

As we watch this seemingly inexorable march toward the elimination of imperfect or sickly people for the good of humankind, I wonder, sometimes, if the Michael J Fox’s of the world realize that they are advocating the sorts of people and policies that will one day tell him that if he really cared about being a good citizen in the world, he’d take himself out.
The rest is just as good!

Nothing storms upon us all faster than ever. Nihilism--ever the order of the day--erodes the fabric of our very consciousness with every insidious illusion it fabricates. We cling to the Real. We hold on to him because we're lost in the dark without him.

But we must reach out to the hands that fade from the light. We can't leave our brothers out there. Nothing can't have a claim on them.

So spread out. Bear the light we've received. Witness to the truth through the lives we live that conform to it.

Otherwise, we won't have the heart to look our Savior in the eye when he asks us, "where are the rest?"

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