Saturday, November 18, 2006


What do we choose? The Ephemeral, or the Eternal? The lasting or the passing?

What we choose, we receive. We sow, we reap.

Penitens reminds us of the stakes of our decision:
Many people today, especially young people, desperately want to be seen as being "with it" - in sync with what is fashionable and "up-to-date."

In the end, they are disappointed, for the fashions of the moment inevitably collapse into the ash heap of history: forever "out of it."


May we root ourselves in the eternal truth of Christ (forever "with it"), not the flowing quicksand of passing philosophy and contemporary culture.
Love lasts. Illusion fades. When we choose to love, we live in Love. When we love one another, we live in union with the Person who is Love. And since Love is eternal, we participate in eternity to the extent that we love. Our eternity begins with our lives here and now. Will we share in it, and rise up on that fountain to everlasting life with him?

Or will we squander it, and spend eternity in pursuit of every passing illusion?

Our choice. Made with every decision we make every day.