Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Partner for Peace


Hamas truly represents the Palestinians well. Why, they're so committed to a new Palestinian order that they'll shoot at children during a protest:
Hamas gunmen opened fire on demonstrators from the rival Fatah movement in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, wounding four people in the first factional violence following the fatal shooting of three children of a Fatah loyalist, officials said.

The demonstration was organized to protest the deaths of the children, whose car was riddled with bullets as they were driven to school Monday morning. Fatah officials have accused Hamas of being behind the shooting. The children's father is an intelligence officer who is considered an enemy of Hamas.

Saleh Hammad, a local Fatah leader, said the demonstration was peaceful, though he acknowledged that some children had provoked the Hamas militiamen by throwing rocks at them.

"Even if one or a few children lost their temper and stoned the members of the unit, this is not a reason to be fired at," he said.

Hospital officials confirmed that four people were wounded, one moderately and the others lightly. The demonstration quickly dispersed, and there were no further signs of fighting.
Hamas refused to form a unity government with Fatah. The price was too high: recognition of Israel. Now, they're bringing their nascent society to the brink of civil war.

This is the partner that Israel should work with on a lasting peace? Perhaps Hamas should clean their own house, first. In fact, how about it actually govern with some sense of responsibility?

No, that would be expecting too much. Obviously, Israel's to blame for not negotiating with this gang of thugs. What's a little genocidal international policy among neighbors, anyways?

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