Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"A Still More Excellent Way"


That's what we've forgotten.

Christ reminds us every day. But we don't pay attention often enough.

I'm no better. I can ride my way out of love far too easily. Just ask the poor driver that kept checking his front seat for something--as the light turned green on the Moshulu.

These lapses accumulate. That's the problem. There are ten billion of us. When we're spending a preponderance of our day turning away from Love, we're hurting each other in extraordinarily deep ways. From our soured work environments to our terrorism-stricken world, our decision to embrace the dark carries devastating consequences.

All the while, Christ reminds us that it's not too late. It's never too late as long as we draw breath. It's never too late until the Parousia happens. We can change. We can embrace our savior and re-experience the love that changes our lives forever.

I've lived the vocation he's given me with a new joy the past two weeks--or longer (who can remember? :)) I've served my family, students, colleagues and the story in exciting, life-giving ways. And what's made the difference? That I served. That I self-gave. That I escaped the prison of self-centeredness that denies every altruism in favor of selfishness. I embraced Christ's foolishness anew, and his consolation has brought me new joy.

"Love, then do what you will" said St. Augustine.

That may be tough love. That may be the use of force to truly defend our lives, our families, our society. That may be the determination not to allow our loved ones to make us accessories in their dysfunction and sin. That may be saying no to something good in exchange for something better.

But love doesn't remain tough when tenderness is required.

Love is. When we love, we are. Plain and simple.

We are ourselves--as God intended us to be. And that is enough.

So let's not give up on that person God created us to be. Let's love again--with everything that's in us. Let's love until it hurts--which is exactly what Christ did when he went to Golgotha. Let's love and then do what we will--for then, it will be what he wills.

And that makes all the difference.

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