Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter Tuesday as Terri continues to starve

from CatholicSocialScientists.org, prophetic words from Pope John Paul II

Click "Read the latest volume here: Volume IX Contents and Text" Scroll down the articles, and choose "John Paul II on Confronting the Language of the Culture of Death" by William Brennan, Ph.D

Among the money quotes Dr. Brennan includes from the Holy Father:

“Causing death,” the Pope insists, “can never be
John Paul II on Confronting the Language of the Culture of Death/Brennan 8
considered a form of medical treatment, even when the intention is solely to comply with
the patient’s request. Rather, it runs completely counter to the health-care profession,
which is meant to be an impassioned and unflinching affirmation of life.”

“True ‘compassion’ leads to sharing another’s pain; it does not kill the person whose suffering we cannot bear.”

John Paul has repeatedly spoken out against the insidious nature of such legal
distortions: “One of the specific characteristics of present-day attacks on human life . . .
consists in the trend to demand a legal justification for them, as if they were rights which
the state, at least under certain circumstances, must acknowledge.” He refers to this
widespread practice as “the tragic caricature of legality” and “a corruption of the law.”

Read the whole thing.

Also, if your looking for more updated prophecy, check out Mark Shea

On a different note, I observe that strange times make for strange bed-fellows. The Reverend Jesse Jackson recognizes that this is a 'civil rights issue'. He has joined the family and hopes to persuade certain Florida State senators to reconsider their votes on earlier legislation. That legislation would have empowered Governor Bush to take protective custody of Terri and order her feeding tube to be reinstated, since it would have forbidden patients on feeding tubes to be disconnected from them without their prior written permission.

Terri is the new Stephan. She is a martyr in the making, who's life and seemingly inevitable, tragic death may hopefully prick the conscience of so many of we slumbering people of God. Unfortunately, if we as a society don't start awakening to the reality of thanatos worship that today's disciples of death--the Reasonable--engage in continuously, we will witness many more Terri Schiavos. Particularly when they accelerate defining persons up and the unworthy among us down.