Monday, April 25, 2005

Audio Post: a talking-point truth

I. Shawn McElhinney at Rerum Novarum makes an interesting point

He draws a parallel to the opposition to John Bolton's nomination as US ambassador to the UN and liberal Catholics "opposition" and concern over the elevation of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to Pope Benedict XVI. According to Mr. McElhinney, John Bolton demonstrates an unorthodox interpretation of the nature of the UN, and therefor is found wanting by progressives. Apparently, only WONDERFUL things are to be thought of in regards to the UN.

Mr. McElhinney then goes on to note that the liberal Catholics that may be among Mr. Bolton's opponents claim the right to dissent from the orthodox doctrine promulgated by Cardinal Ratzinger and, presumebly, by Pope Benedict. Apparently, in regards to Catholic morality, theses enlightened souls are entitled to dissent from teachings in which they believe well-reasoning people may disagree.

He then draws the knife and carves up these progressives' position with the expertese of the master butcher that liberates tender meat from a veal vertebrae. Accepting the progressive premise as true--the enlightened may dissent from orthodoxy--he asks, in so many words, why Mr. Bolton's nomination--as a dissent from orthodoxy--should not be celebrated as an act of diversity. Brilliant.

Listen to the whole post.

Of course, he illustrates the "hypocracy" of the progressive position quite effectively. How they hate that word. Such a negative connotation. Poor taste, definately. It could actually call into question their reasonableness. Most regrettable.

Thank God. For the reasonable have reasonably concluded how unreasonable the existance of some supernatural being can be. Therefore, humanity must be the only appropriate center of dignity and power in the world. Naturally, then, anything that promotes the hapiness of humanity must be good. This means condoms and abortions must abound. They make others happy, after all

Except for those salicious holy Fools. Too bad for them, really. Maybe they'll just grow up and realize how reasonable they need to become.

Unfortunately, some catholic "progressives" seem to want to be thought of as reasonable while being regarded as Fools. To such tearing down the middle, they plead with the Fools, "look, can't we just be reasonable about this?"

This, being, whatever bone of contention the Reasonable place between them and utter and blissful acceptance.

Of course, Fools could be reasonable about such things. Then, they'd become reasonable. And no longer be fools.

They'd also no longer be living in the Truth. Funny, how Fools want to live honestly like that. Maybe that's why they won't be reasonable about this.

Maybe the "progressives" could try that sometime. Then they could stop being so foolable.

(hat tip to Amy Welborn and Teofilo)