Thursday, April 21, 2005

Some commentaries on the new Holy Father

The good:

Peggy Noonan. Sigh. Yet another irrelevent right-winger that just doesn't know how to get with the times. Doesn't she understand how suppressed she is? And this Pope will do nothing to change that. No, she'll never have the opportunity to exert her power to absolutely reshape Church Doctrine as a priest. She just isn't reasonable.

A Pertinacious Papist. Another wailer. It must be an epidemic. Doesn't he understand that Ratzinger will ruin everything. He's Catholic, for God's sake. The Catholic Church can't have that. How can it possibly survive like that? It's just not reasonable.

Gerald Baker. Oh, when will it end? Another Fool dares to value a conservative. Progressives are always right. Resistance is futile. So Episcopals and other that got on board are slipping off the demographic board. So Europe is on the edge of Population oblivion. You have to break some eggs if you want to make an omlet. Let's be reasonable.

(hat tip to Jimmy Akin for the last one.)

The bad:

Mark Shea. He lists some complainers here:

"Usual Suspects say Usual Stuff. Victor Morton kindly summarizes the posts into Twelve Barbaric Yawps of Rage and Threats:

op 12 Stupid and/or Outright False Statements in This Forum. Not ranked in any order, as they all deserve to be No. 1:

Women -- and not only in the United States -- are very angry at the church. It is no exaggeration to say that many of them, devout Catholics to the core, will tell you they hated John Paul because he hated women.

gay and lesbian Catholics will find it difficult to forgive him for his comment that they are 'objectively' disordered.

The time for nuance is over. Let the unholy war begin.

He thinks that Catholic Christianity is the answer. All religious traditions may embody some truth, but somehow Catholics have got more of it.

But the cardinals quickly settled on a man who would forcefully continue John Paul's approach to governing the church.

Instead, he has pushed the church away from social justice and peace concerns."

Well, at least some people understand the disaster that's happened. Can't have Women Priests, Married Priests, Gay Marriage, and Abortion forgotten about. What Does the Catholic Church think it is--divinely established. Ha! How unreasonable!

The ugly:

At Last! Someone that truly knows how to be reasonable! No Fool, this guy. Hope he learns how to breathe, though. It'd be a pity if we lose the one reasonable man around!