Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hold on to your seat and Laugh!Laugh!Laugh!

Looking for a good Fisk?

Dale Price is your guy. Watch with breath-taking delight as he slices and dices the tired old pendactic blathering of a don't-get-it spent theorevolutionary. It's a marvel to see.

This is an example of the need to exaggerate the situation in order to see it as it is. Otherwise we'd be too dense due to all of the reasonable people that continue to make Curran and his ilk seem like sensible fellows.

For a slightly more balanced response to Pope Benedict XVI, try The New York Times. No, you're not misreading that. Yes, it's late, but not that late. For some peculiar reason, the NYT actually sounds a touch foolish. Of course, they make the usual reasonable mistakes like saying the Chuch used to condemn pleasure in sex, but considering their usual record, this is amazing. It almost reads like...well, journalism. Hat tip to Kathy Shaidel and Get Religion on this one, too.

If your ready for more laughs after this sobering back story, then Secret Agent Man is so your guy. Can he get Russerts attitude down any better? Too bad Amy beat me to this!