Wednesday, June 29, 2005

from BBC NEWS | Europe | EU stands by Turkish entry talks

BBC NEWS covers the latest developments in Turkey's bid for EU membership. Even as founding EU member France votes down the constitution, the Brussels Oligarch's push the inclusion of Turkey. Of course, no one appears to be in a hurry. Plus, future governments in France and Germany could vote no. As it stands, however, the march continues:

The European Commission says talks on Turkey's membership of the EU should start on time on 3 October with accession as a "shared objective".

The recommendation is made in a proposed framework for the talks, which member states must approve unanimously.

The commission says the talks should be open-ended, and that Turkey will not be able to join until 2014 at the soonest.

Its proposal comes as enthusiasm for enlargement wanes in the wake of French and Dutch votes on the constitution.

Meanwhile, the spin begins:

Despite the cooling of attitudes towards enlargement since the French and Dutch referendums, a Eurobarometer study published this week suggested that the issue had not been a major factor behind voters' rejection of the constitution.

The poll said only 6% of Dutch voters and 3% of French voters gave enlargement as the reason for their "No" vote.

I'd love to see the poll questions. Considering the murder of the Dutch Filmaker by an alleged Muslim fanatic, I doubt only 6% of Dutch voters renounced the Constitution over the EU's enlargement policy. In fact, if the question honestly addressed Turkey in particular, I'd bet a year's supply of Guiness that the number of Dutch no-voters jumps.

But this is Europe. The Reasonable have spoken. Move on, people. There's nothing to see here.