Thursday, June 30, 2005

Speaking of the land up North

Episcopals are getting Foolish! CNS reports that the "Canadian bishops protest vote allowing gay marriage". The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops refuses to go away:

Archbishop Brendan O'Brien of St. John's, Newfoundland, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, said passage of the bill meant Canadians were "witnessing a dangerous deterioration of their communal values."

That deterioration is evident, he said, in the high rates of divorce and abortion and in declining birthrates.
Canada had taken "another unfortunate step toward eliminating civil and social recognition and appreciation for the unique importance of the committed relationship of a man and a woman in marriage," Archbishop O'Brien said in a statement.

He also raised concerns about the lack of respect for freedom of conscience evident in the vote.

"Members of Parliament were forced to follow a political deadline and to vote along party lines on an issue which deeply divides and troubles Canadians," he said. "This is an ominous sign of what can be expected in future debates on the application of Bill C-38 in the provinces and territories with regard to human rights legislation and the solemnization of marriage, as well as regarding school policies on moral and social questions."

Some of them are showing some unusual spine for Western prelates:

Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic of Toronto said the archdiocese would not recognize the court ruling.

"Marriage will be celebrated only as the union of a man and a woman open to the bringing forth of children," he said. "Our pastoral work, our Catholic schools and our Catholic social services are committed to upholding Catholic teaching on marriage."

Good for them. An immoral law is no law at all. A law that defies the rule of law in order to ensure compliance is the dictate of a tyrant. Consider this Bill C-38 just such an act, says Catholic Civil Rights League President Phil Horgan:

The Catholic Civil Rights League, in a June 29 statement, predicted a scenario of litigation, human rights complaints and challenges to charitable status, despite the passage of an amendment to the bill designed to protect religious institutions.

"The rights of marriage commissioners to refuse to perform these marriages, the rights of church organizations to control the use of their properties, the rights of parents and school teachers to address what is taught in family life programs are just some of the problems that are going to land in courts and human rights' tribunals because of this law,"

Fools in Canada are up against quite the attitude. Get a load of an Attorney General's "professionalism':

Attorney General Irwin Cotler described the vote as the culmination of a drama for equal rights that began with the 1982 institution of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

He said he sought to meet with religious leaders over the course of the debate, and trusted they would come to accept the legislation once they realize "the sky will not fall."

You see, the Reasonable in Canada say, you Fools get all upset over so little. So we have different moralities. Big deal. We'll all get along just fine.

If you keep yours to yourself.

Now, perhaps there are those Reasonable people believe I'm being unfair. Well, then maybe they should ask somebody else.

Like Bishop Henry. All he did was act like a Bishop. In other words, he would not keep "his" morality to himself. Therefore, he must face the tribunal. No one must hinder in any way the celebration by all of the One Thing that Matters. Especially a Fool like the good Bishop.

The Liberals face a conundrum. The hard left of their base will not allow them to pull back from their commitment to Bill C-38. However, 40% of the Liberal MPs and half of the country still oppose "Gay marriage". The Tories have an opportunity to wedge the Liberals. Muslim and traditionally Catholic immigrants such as the Portugese may well have reasons to abandon the Liberals come the next election. Meanwhile, AdScam still looms over the ruling party's head. With the right effort, Fools in Canada could rally enough support for the Tories to take control.

The sun has not set on the Lion yet. The Reasonable may have won this battle. The victory could cost them the war. May the Fools north of the border make it so!