Monday, July 18, 2005

BBC NEWS | England | West Yorkshire on "Bomber was 'hard-working mentor'"

The tragic fallout of treachery continues. BBC NEWS | England | West Yorkshire | has the story here. The shock and disbelief regarding Mohammed Sidique Khan remain. I'm deeply ashamed to find that the murderer shared my profession. He was a Special Education teacher at a primary school. His collegues still can't believe it:
Head teacher Mrs Balfour assured parents his conduct had given her no cause for concern during his time at the school.

In a statement released through the authority, she said: "All of us at Hillside are utterly shocked to hear that one of our staff had been responsible for such an horrific act.

"While he was with us, he accomplished a great deal in bringing people from different local communities together.

"He was also respected by many parents, who welcomed the contribution he made to their children's learning and development.

"It is difficult to understand how such passion and energy could be corrupted. We are all working hard with parents and pupils to deal with this."
The horror of sin leaves its sadistic scars on this community. A talented and hard-working teacher--mentor to professionals and collaborator with parents--became an agent of malice for a corrupt nihilism that masquarades as an Islamic liberation. My heart and prayers go out to the families and children this man had touched. May God in his infinite mercy console them in his abiding Love.