Saturday, July 16, 2005

MSM can't resist pounding that drum.

Do they think if they pound this issue long enought that the Catholic Church will suddenly give them everything they think is Reasonable. They certainly try here. shows, once again, that MSM doesn't get religion. Consider the following drivel:
The priests have come from three states, converging on a suburban park one Sunday to conduct an outdoor Mass. Wearing white vestments with rainbow-hued stoles, they lead the worshippers in prayer and song. They stick closely to traditional Roman Catholic liturgy.

But as they raise their arms in blessing, the five men reveal unmistakable proof of defiance: All wear wedding bands.

These men, who still consider themselves Roman Catholic priests, have wives, children -- and unflinching commitments to their 2,000-year-old faith. As married priests, they say, they are not heretical anomalies but, instead, are following a model set by priests and popes in the earliest days of their church.

They are part of a growing national network of thousands of deeply religious men who believe marriage does not compromise their ability to serve as spiritual ministers.
Can you see the tired formula already introduced? It's 1) brave renegades stand against 2)Crusty old Traditionalists that are out-of-touch with 3)Ordinary people that need in-touch ministers while 4)Other brave renegades support the rebellion against the Empire. It's amazing. Many news stories on Catholicism--especially those about clergy--have become recycled Star Wars points!

The Catholic Church has a discipline, not a doctrine, that calls for celibate men to be priests. Each priest takes vows of celibacy and obedience to his Ordinary. These married "Priests" have broken both of those vows. However noble their ministry, it rests on the quicksand of disobedience. Sooner or later, ordinary Catholics will suffer from these priests' lack of fundamental commitment to their vocation.

Should the Church decide to admit married men to the priesthood, then the Church will have changed a discipline. Nothing fundamental to the vocation will then change. If the Reasonable media pundits and editorial boards think this means the Church will then have women priests and endorsement of homosexual lifestyles, then they're more idiotic then I give them credit for. The Church can change discipline. She does not change doctrine. She may come to understand how doctrine has developed over time, but she does not change it. We can understand how the Faith addresses life in different cultures at different times. We can't add to, subtract from or revise the deposit of Faith in any way. Otherwise, it's not Faith.

Yawn. When will the Reasonable get it?