Saturday, July 30, 2005

BBC NEWS UK: "Bombing suspect faces extradition"

Get the story here. The gist:
One of the London bomb suspects has appeared before an extradition hearing in prison in Rome, Italy.

Magistrates could take several weeks to decide the fate of Ethiopia-born Briton Osman Hussain, 27, also known as Hamdi Isaac, as Italian inquiries continue.

The hearing comes as police in London begin to interrogate three other men, also suspected of trying to bomb three Tube trains and a bus on 21 July.
Osman Hussain is being linked to the bomb attempt at Shepherd's Bush station.

Scotland Yard said he could face fast-track extradition back to the UK under the European Arrest Warrant, legislation which only came into effect in Italy last Thursday.

The suspect's court-appointed lawyer said no decision had been made on Britain's request for extradition.

Antonietta Sonnessa said the legal process was in its "initial phase", adding there were "elements in favour and against" the extradition of her client.
I'm not surprised if AP reports that he wants to remain in Italy are true. As far as I know, Britain has much stricter Anti-Terrorism laws than Italy. He may face at least fourteen days of interrogation before Scotland Yard charges him. Or he may be charged immediately. Either way, he's a marked man. Sooner or later he'll likely crack, and that makes him a liability to his former islamo-fascist allies. Assuming, of course, that he's guilty as charged. I'll let a court determine that, but the "evidence" assembled by the BBC makes it look certain.

I hope that Mr. Hussain's arrest will save lives. The British people have been through enough already. So has the world.