Friday, July 29, 2005

Faithful Catholic Professionals Witnesses to the Truth!

If you haven't treated yourself to Faithful Catholic Professionals, do so. Craig Kelso offers an inspiring witness to the Truth. He's honest enough to admit those mistakes that many of us may have made and would rather forget:
Just below the above quoted paragraph is this cryptic, irresponsible paragraph:

"The event includes a highly successful Children's Garden, which was created for the two-day festival 12 years ago.The Children's Garden is a space where kids and toddlers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. It has a no-exceptions policy that was implemented when the Children's Garden was founded 12 years ago."

What parent in their right mind would bring children to such an event?

Your author, dear reader, for one.

Yes, YEARS ago, in another incarnation, and as a sign of my tolerance and acceptance of every lifestyle, I took my daughter to a Pride festival here in San Diego.

Upon entering, my SIX year old was greeted with two women making out on a mechanical bull. As we strolled about the venue, the place was RIDDLED with porn, sexual imagery, and, yes, a "Children's Garden." She played in the garden. We were given stickers, various propaganda, and asked to sign a petition for the gay marriage movement.

I'll confess to not being too shocked by what I saw ... at least immediately. As my daughter and I continued around, it did become a little too much for even ME, Mr. Tolerant. Again, THE SEA OF PORN, the public displays of affection, and the outrageous stage acts pushed me and my progressive self to exit us early.

My daughter barely remembers the event, thank God.
He also has an alert about another woman "priest":
An organization that illegitimately "ordains" women as Catholic clergy has revealed the identity of a "deacon" who teaches scriptural studies at the University of San Diego, an institution that claims dedication to "witnessing and probing the Christian message as proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church."

R.C. Womenpriests, which on July 25 hosted the "ordinations" of nine women on the St. Lawrence River near Gananoque, Ontario, also announced that Jane Via had been "ordained" a Catholic deacon in June 2004 on the Danube River between Germany and Austria. The 2004 ceremony was led by two female "bishops" whom the Vatican excommunicated after they refused to renounce their "ordinations" in 2002. Previously Via was identified by a pseudonym, "Jillian Farley."

Research by the Cardinal Newman Society identifies Via as a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County and an Adjunct Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego (USD). In 1977, Via was hired by USD as a full-time Assistant Professor and was tenured in the early 1980s before shifting to part-time employment. In 1985, San Diego Bishop Leo Maher banned Via from speaking at Catholic events in the diocese because she signed a statement published in the New York Times that challenged Catholic teaching on abortion. It is not apparent that USD took any action to restrict Via's teaching following the bishop's ban, and the Diocese of San Diego could not immediately confirm whether the ban is still in effect.
My, my, another Reasonable woman in Foolable clothing. I don't know whether to laugh or yawn. It's rather pathetic to watch graying Reasonable folk act as though the Catholic Church were an institution upheld by the consent of the governed. Last time I checked, the Church was the Body of Christ as well as the People of God. Does she honestly believe she's influencing any one to take her views seriously?

I do want the Bishop of San Diego to actually sheperd his people in the midst of this wolf's charade. If she continues to manifest grave sin after he's corrected her in private, then he should discipline her publically. Since at least one action has already been taken against her, it's time to for firmer measures. Will the Bishop of San Diego find his spine? Stay tuned.

Check out Mr. Kelso's excellent blog. You'll thank me later. Honest.