Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Coming Storm on Roberts

Confirm Them has Judiciary Committee Vote. From Judge Roberts Senate Judiciary confirmation hearing on his nomination to the Federal Apellate Court. Observe the gory details:
Democrats Voting For Roberts:

Democrats Voting Against Roberts:

Republicans Voting for Roberts:
Now, watch the plot thicken:
"If he wants to be on the Supreme Court, he has to be more forthcoming .... to convince the American people that a man who could serve on the court for 20 to 30 years really is in the mainstream of American thinking," said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who is a member of the Judiciary Committee.
Two prominent members of the committee, Mr. Durbin and Mr. Schumer, warned on Tuesday that the president's failure to share names with them could complicate the confirmation process.

"Had we been given some names beforehand," Mr. Schumer said, "we would have been able to do some due diligence before any announcement, and be able to suggest to the president who might quickly succeed and who might face a tougher road to confirmation."
Republicans said that Judge Roberts's earlier confirmation vote would make it difficult for Democrats to use the filibuster to block him from ascending to the Supreme Court, but Mr. Schumer would not rule out the tactic.
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, reflecting an emerging Democratic strategy, said he would use confirmation hearings to probe whether Roberts can "separate his personal ideology from the rule of law."

"No nominee, especially a nominee who is well known to have argued ideological positions on issues important to the American people, should be confirmed without full and candid disclosure and discussion of those positions and their importance to him," Kennedy said in a statement.
Their first play will be the information suck. Watch, soon for the cries: "More information! More information!" During Judge Robert's questioning, I expect the Democrats to seize on any diplomatic response to their partisan queries as proof of his unwillingness to disclose his views. They'll ratchet up the rhetoric to try and justify a filibuster. They'll count on the Democratic Seven of the Gang of Fourteen to stay on the reservation once they have political cover. Oh, and watch for foamers-in-the-mouth like Senator Leahy to spew. Soon.

How's that popcorn coming?