Monday, July 25, 2005

The Curt Jester has Memory Memed A Holy Fool!

Surely the Jester jests! Surely! No? Well, not according to The Curt Jester Well, thanks for sharing! And for the new-kid-on-the-block welcome!

If I understand this meme, I'm to recount memories from ten years ago, five years ago, 1 year ago and yesterday. Having completed the business, I'm to pass the meme on to at least three. OK!

Ten Years Ago:

More than likely, I sweated in an unair-conditioned room in the midst of a five-day, 8-hour-a-day graduate course on Assessment. I was off for the summer from the day job--Teaching Assistant in a classroom for 7th-8th grade students with mild mental retardation. That meant I jumped into at least 12-16 credit courses in the summer to get my Masters of Science in Special Education. I know that I worked full-time during the academic year and floated courses to the tune of at least six credits after hours, if not more.

Five years ago:

This one's easy. My beautiful bride and I took to the streets of Athens for the first full day of our honeymoon! We had wed on the 21st of July and flown out of JFK International Airport on the 24th. I-national flights to Europe out of NY/NJ airports are at night. It was at least an eleven hour flight to Athens, which is at least six hours ahead of NY time. I think we landed at about 2PM local time, all things being equal. In fact, I'd say that we enjoyed our first cup of coffee somewhere in the nightlife part of the Greek capital at around this time. Was it two nights in Athens, two nights in Mykonos and a nine-day greek isle cruise? Something like that.

One year ago: Probably up to my ass in some network administration fiasco. We moved into our new home, a mother-daughter with my parents, the very first day of my summer vacation last year. Once the initial craziness was done, I worked on different facets of the house and property for the rest of the summer. My first priority was establishing an operating LAN that featured two wireless connections to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router as well as one ethernet connection to the same router; all so that three computers could enjoy cable-modem connection to the internet. What a fiasco? To make a long story short, I broke the rules, made up my own and then broke them! I called in the Geek Squad at the end to salvage some difficulty I had getting all the computers to play nice. Oh well!

Yesterday: I took care of Frankie while the blushing bride worked an open house for a Real Estate client, whose listing her team had secured. We then packed up the car with our beloved son and visited Nyack Beach State Park in Upper Nyack, NY (Yeah, yeah, I know. Why is Nyack Beach State Park in Upper Nyack instead of Nyack. What can I tell you? That's New York State for you!)

Now that I've finished my moment of Total Recall, I'm to choose my next victims. Contemplating the Laundry, GKC's Favourite and Winterr's Words: Tag, you're it!