Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Happy Catholic has a healthy reminder...

That the media doesn't get religion Get the story here. Sampler of her excerpt from The New Anti-Catholicism, by Philip Jenkins:
Now, dissidence within the Catholic community was anything but new. Contrary to some modern stereotypes, there never was a time when American Catholics moved uncritically in lockstep as the Church directed. Anti-clericalism has always existed within the Church and is probably inevitable in any institution that draws on diverse sources of authority. Through long tradition, the Church exalts its hierarchical structure and its clerical institutions, yet the deeply radical and egalitarian picture offered by the gospels often seems to clash with these institutional values. The two value systems can be reconciled, and usually have been -- Francis of Assisi never ceased to be a devoted son of the Church -- but the potential for conflict is always present.
Now, listen and learn while Julie D. takes the MSM to school:
Once again, the media doesn't get it. No surprises there. And, once again, anyone who actually knew Church history would know that dissidence from within the Church is nothing new. But that would require more than a sound-byte and cursory knowledge of the subject. Very anti-American that.
She nails them! Honestly, I don't know what I find more annoying about the MSM: their obvious bias towards all things Reasonable or their lazy avarice. What I mean by lazy avarice is that they're often too lazy to think outside of easily marketable formulas. They're too greedy to take the time and truly get the story; someone else might scoop them. The result is the tripe we've painfully grown accustomed to. There's the Harsh, medeval and out-of-step Hierarchy v. the plucky, creative and independent-minded laity that are "with the times". There's the bizzarely celibate men v. the ordinary person. There's the orthodox v. compassionate. And so on. Pure lazy avarice; that it happens to suit their bias and promote their agenda is gravy?

When are they gonna get it? When getting it wrong hurts their bottom line. When they start to losing advertizing because irate Catholics are sick of their stereotyping and start boycotting their advertizers. Watch the MSM throw out their "principled" reporting when their balance sheet bleeds red. Think Fools like us would be capable of that? Stay tuned!