Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Maggie Gallagher observes that pesky CHRISTIANIST CONSPIRACY.

via Yahoo! News and Katolik Shinja. This may explain why so many on the secular far left have been less-than-forthcoming with their unequivocal criticism of Jihadists. They see their own methods at work, and their loathe to give them up. No, not suicide bombings. Rather, the metastory revisionism that allows suicide bombers to murder the innocent in their suicide:
Even Islamists, as many have pointed out, have far more in common with Marxist and other avant-garde ideologies than with traditional Islam. Random bombs that kill women and children on London buses do not represent a return to the Muslim past, but avant-gardism in a new context. Like good social constructivists, Islamists indulge in a sophisticated new interpretation of an ancient text in order to escape a traditional moral prohibition (in their case, the killing of innocents). (What makes genteel academic social constructivists believe that they are the only ones who get to dream up new stories, once those old absolutist moral taboos are swept aside?)
After all, the Reasonable secularists continue their own social reconstruction to continue:
I hate conspiracy theories. But one can't avoid noticing the ongoing effort among certain powerful groups to craft a dramatic new storyline for religion in America: to lump Christian "fundamentalists" in with Muslim "fundamentalists," to equate evangelicals with fundamentalists and Catholics with evangelicals, merging all traditional religions into one scary, irrational and potentially violent "Christianist" mass. A traditional religion, in this view, is any faith community that does not accept sexual liberalism. This is the core of liberalist drama in America today, the line that if crossed will put you in the crosshairs.
While the secularists that desire to be Nietzsche's supermen obsess about their pelvic freedom, who cares for the poor? Who tend to the needy? Who washes the lesions of lepers that lay dying on a Calcutta street? Who returned an oppressed people's spirit and culture, inspiring them to peacefully throw off the chains of the most decimating empire in world history? Who witnesses to the Truth faithfully in all cultures and all times, save for the tragic fall of those that surrender to sin? Who but they who answered his call?

Meanwhile, the world screams in labor, and those that need him plead for the Truth of Mercy. Will Nietzsche's modern disciples give them instead the fossilized poison of the their latest and greatest postmodern cliches? Or will they at last allow Fools to show them the one that they've waited for all of their lives? Only the salvation of the world is at stake. No need to hurry, now.