Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the Latest on London from the BBC

BBC has the latest round-up of the London Bombing.

The suspects were all Muslim British Nationals:
The police have revealed important developments in the hunt for those responsible for the London bomb attacks.

# All four suspects were British nationals of Pakistani descent. It has been confirmed that three of the four were from West Yorkshire

# The men have been named as: Hasib Hussain, 18, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, and Mohammed Sadique Khan, 30

# The fourth man has not yet been identified by police

# All four were captured on CCTV at King's Cross station, wearing rucksacks, shortly before 0830 BST on the morning of the attacks. The footage was found on Monday night
One suspect's family is shattered:
The uncle of one of the suspected London suicide bombers said his family had been "left shattered" by the news.

Bashir Ahmed, 65, said the family of Shehzad Tanweer, who recently studied religion in Pakistan, could not accept he was capable of the bombings.

"It wasn't him. It must have been forces behind him," he said.

Police hunting the masterminds behind the bombings are seeking a fifth person, who is not believed to be one of the bombers.
The bombers "operational base":
A house being searched in Leeds by police investigating the London bombings may have been used as an operational base, a local MP has said.

Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland said the Hyde Park house was not used as a family home and could have stored materials used in Thursday's attacks.

Hundreds of people had to leave the area on Tuesday before police got into the house using a controlled explosion.

"No one will be allowed back until it is safe to do so," Mr Mulholland said.

He said none of the bombers had been linked to the property where the investigation was being carried out.

"It seems that this is an operating base for them rather than any of their homes," Mr Mulholland added.

Blair proposes tough new laws to deal with "extremists." (Why does the BBC have trouble using the word Terrorists whenever Muslims are involved? It's true that not all terrorists are Muslims, but these terrorists were! But I suppose they've got to be Reasonable about all this!)

The excerpt here:
Tony Blair has called for tougher laws and a global drive to tackle the "evil" ideology behind the London bombings.

Mr Blair said there would be "profound shock and anxiety" after the news the suspected suicide bombers were British.

Talks are to begin on bringing in new laws covering preparations for attacks and to make it easier to deport people trying to "incite hatred", he told MPs.

Mr Blair, who is to host a summit of UK Muslim leaders, said the "moderate and true voice of Islam" must be mobilised.

UK bloggers weigh in: 21st Century Vision quotes Mary Caldor:
So far, the response from the emergency services, from political, religious and civic leaders, and from London’s population has been exemplary. They have offered solidarity to the victims and emphasised the need for Londoners to stick together. The crime has not produced terror or panic. Where possible, people are continuing with whatever was on their agenda where this is not disrupted by transport or by the hideous effects of the explosions.
Gary Monro has some interesting news about British Muslim reaction:
It seems though that some Muslims have decided to do what our failed politicians have been too scared to do.

From the BBC:

Shahid Malik, whose Dewsbury constituency was the scene of police raids in the bombing investigation, said the Muslim community faced a “massive wake-up call”.

He told BBC News after his meeting with Mr Blair: “The challenge is straightforward - that those voices that we have we tolerated will no longer be tolerated, whether they be on the streets, in the schools, in the youth clubs, in a mosque, in a corner, in a house.

“We need to go beyond condemning - we need to confront.”

From Ireland On-line:

The Muslim Council of Britain is considering a plan for a national demonstration of protest against the terrorists behind the London bombings.

The inter-faith event, which has yet to be agreed, would involve marches in the capital and other cities across the UK.

A vigil organised by the Islamic Society of Britain with other church groups will take place in Manchester on Sunday, with a similar event scheduled for London at a future date, said Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the MCB.
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