Friday, July 01, 2005

North Western Winds is "Exploring Unity"

Curt from North Western Winds posts Jordan's and my dialogue in his comments. I referenced that post here. He adds his own commentary after ours. Here's a sampler:

The crucial difference in this exchange, it seems to be, is what constitutes "complete self giving" or "physical unity." Jordan's view, the one we heard so much about today, is that an SSM union is a complete and full union because "disembodied souls" or "selves" pledging union to each other is sufficient (this is why gay literature places so much emphasis on gender as a social construct). He might also be saying that a sexual union in which procreation is impossible counts as complete union. Like the Fool, I do not think we can dismiss the physical so easily. We are embodied souls. To deny that is to deny a very important part of reality. As Catholics we hold that the material world is not God, it is God's creation. It is God's hospital for sinners and we will never nurse ourselves back to health by ignoring the medicinal world in which we are placed. Thus, "I want" or "I believe" is insufficient for complete self giving to take place. That can only take place when the possibility of procreation is not excluded.

He expresses succinctly and brilliantly what I tried to make clear to Jordan. Procreativity and unity in the sexual act can't be separated because we are embodied persons. This means that we must unite mentally, spiritually and physically; this requires openness to the procreative aspect of sex. Otherwise, the sexual act becomes one that dis-integrates the people that participate in it. There's no fullness to the mutual self-giving, which is what love is all about. Christ exemplifies this. Spiritually (through his prayer and miraculous acts of mercy), mentally (through his teaching and revelation of the Father) and finally physically (through his passion, death and resurrection), Jesus Christ gave the very best of himself for us in love.

The dualism that appears to inform Jordan's worldview tells the world something different. The body doesn't matter according to this philosophy. Only what the mind conceives is what's truly real. Only what one thinks is what matters. Those that follow this doctrine can find no valid reason to object to homosexual activity and "gay marriage" for that matter. If people truly believe they're in love, and they commit their hearts and minds to each other, then what they do with their bodies is of secondary importance. This appears to be the reason Jordan sees Homosexual activity as unitive.

This view defies our common human experience. In spite of it's appeal, reality is not "The Matrix". We're not consciousness unmoored from our bodies. We participate in physical reality through a unity of body and spirit. We can live one side of this unity only at the cost of losing our integrity. Too many of us choose to act as though this loss of integrity really doesn't matter. We see the catastrophic results of these choices every day.

If international society hopes to regain a common sense of sanity, it must embrace common sense. It must promote living in reality. It must make the choice to live in integrity, to embodied living.