Sunday, July 10, 2005

Outside The Beltway--oh, so Reasonable

Just look at this headline from James Joyner's blog: "Leading Cardinal: Science Incompatible with Catholicism"How brave. How original. Gang-pile on Roman Catholicism. As if no Reasonable person has ever indulged in the last acceptible prejudice in America. As though anti-Catholicism wasn't the anti-Semitism of the Intellectual. I responded to his noble sentimentes here.

Once again, a Reasonable commentator is so scandalized that a Catholic Cardinal is, in fact, Catholic. Meanwhile, had he treated any other cleric of any other religion in this dismissive and stereotypical fashion, the cries for justice would scream out from all corners up to heaven. With the exception of a few comments, however, listen to the cricket concert in progress. Typical.