Saturday, July 09, 2005

Veritatis Visio prophesizes: "Only Jesus Can Raise The Dead"

Right here! He observes the deadening of Spirit that has consumed American culture since the asendency of the Dictatorship of Relativism:
The emblematic figure of the flower-power era, a college age ivy-leaguer with long hair holding burning draft card aloft, was nowhere to be found. In an odd juxtaposition, I saw the faces of frat boys, who, on any other weekend, could probably be seen holding a funnel aloft, overflowing with beer. This is not to say that I, a volunteer enlistedman in the Air National Guard, support the action of the aformentioned figure. But I notice a great incongruity between him and the latter, an inconsistency summed up in one word: apathy.

T.S. Eliot, in The Hollow Men said that "This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang, but a whimper." I feel sometimes as though whimpering is all my generation is capable of doing. The social uproar and heated activism that peaked during the leadup to the Iraq War, or during the recent election year, seemed more like the whinings of children than the powerful voices of people like Malcolm X, Bob Dylan, and Lenny Bruce. It seemed like... well, it seemed like the youth of our nation had heard that "their ass is on fire" and could only eek out the weak reply: "Oh?"
He correctly observes the only one that can restore what the Dictator has lost:
It's not a matter of simply "waking up" the youth of our nation, either by Rocking the Vote or the use of any other gimic. It's a question of revitalizing that spirit that has for so long been a wellspring for creative solution and radical change in our great country. Raising the dead, bringing that which is lifeless back to the world of the living - we all know Who alone can do such things. I pray that the Church, under the leadership of Benedict XVI, will bring to my generation the life-giving and timeless wisdom that the Saints have taught through the ages, the Truth that is Christ. Only with this Truth - only with a foundation in the natural and moral law, and burning hearts for true justice and peace - will the whimpers of apathy gain wind and become as one a great cry of revolution. Only then will the voice of my generation finally be heard, and be fit to echo through the great halls built by the great generations of our past.
Relativism marginalizes belief in God. Thus, it marginalizes Truth. Left with this void, the Dictator fills it with a construction, and thus says all truth is only construction. Unfortunately, this is like covering a run-down buick station wagon with paper mache and then calling it a Hummer. The construction may please a lazy mind, but it fails to hold up under reality.

Christ is Love and Truth. The Church is the way he has chosen to live among us in history. Thus, through the Church we come to meet him. Only Christ can raise the dead. Only in him will we find that Spirit that Relativism has lost. May we all turn to the Truth and Love that is Christ, that we may live to the fullest, in the Spirit as our forefathers did. May that day come soon! Ultreya!