Thursday, July 28, 2005

Personal Bleg

The Summer of our discontent goes on! I find my family and I are in need of your prayers yet again.

My brother-in-law had an accident at work. He's at Westchester Medical Center, where's he's expected to spend the night under observation before undergoing knee surgery tomorrow. He's also suffered mild head injuries.

Meanwhile, my mother is on her way to Nyack Hospital. She's suffering severe dehydration and serious nasea after her first two days of chemo-therapy. I haven't heard from my father yet if she's spending the night.

Please keep my mother and brother-in-law in your prayers. Thank you!

Update: I spoke to my Father. Mom will spend at least two nights in the hospital receiving hydration. The genius' at her oncologist's office didn't mention that she should drink plenty of water for at least a week or two before the first treatment. Please keep praying. Thanks again!