Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Unintended Encouragement

Jill Stanek passes along RedState.org's critique of this Reasonable diatribe from Glamor Magazine. The graph above gives a taste of Glamor's ironic advocacy.

The Reasonable watch support for their precious sacrament slip away among the next generation they expect to defend it. All they can say is, "They don't know any better, the Fools." All we Fools can answer is, "What did you expect from a Fool?" The truth has a way of breaking through. Ever wonder why Water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit? No anything that can resist water indefinately?

I didn't think so. Leon H. of RedState.org says it best:
he final point of this whole discussion is that we've found hope for the future of the pro-life cause in a very unlikely source. Nobody is more prone to fits of desperation on this issue than I am, and I mourn the fact that too often I have allowed my indignation to cross the line and turn people off. But the point of it all is that persuasion is working. Slowly but surely, if we maintain the course, the battle will be swung our way.
I couldn't agree more!