Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI stands with his brother bishops in Zimbabwe

As if that's news. It's not, but it's exilerating! CNS STORY has the story here. Whether it's facing down relativism in Europe or upholding the value of the common good in Africa, the Holy Father has been on fire! Check this out:
Pope Benedict XVI praised Zimbabwe's bishops for reminding the nation's politicians of the importance of working together for the common good and for their recent pastoral letter.

The pope said the bishops made a "significant contribution to the electoral process" before the country's parliamentary elections in March.

In a joint statement in 2004, the bishops "rightly noted" that the "responsibility for the common good demands that all members of the body politic work together in laying firm moral and spiritual foundations for the future of the nation," the pope said.
He also praised their recent work:
"The Cry of the Poor," in which they seek to help the faithful apply the wisdom of the Gospel and the rich heritage of the church's social doctrine in their daily lives.

The pope encouraged the bishops "to continue to provide clear and united leadership" so that the faithful "hear the voice of the Lord himself, a voice that speaks with authority of what is right and true, of peace and justice, of love and reconciliation."
Any one else still think he's a caretaker Pope? Benedict XVI demonstrates once again the heart of a shepard. His concern for the poor of Zimbabwe echoes in his words of encouragement to their pastors. May all Zimbaweans continue to follow their voice. For when they do, they will hear the Good Shepard leading them out.