Sunday, July 03, 2005

Some interesting stuff...

at The BM Rant. They're a funny outfit, that's for sure. Matt appears to drink a wee bit of the Left's Kool Aid:

Check out Bush’s sudden desire to sway with the polls. I guess that helps when your approval rating is in the shitter.

Isn’t this the same wishy washy stuff that righties ripped Kerry for?

As one wise commentor notes, ah, no, it isn't:

I think you missed the point on this one. It did not say that Bush is flip flopping hios opinion, he is trying to figure out how to garner more support for the war from the American people. He is not flip flopping on his support for the war, as did John - “I voted for the 88 billion dollars, before I voted against it” Kerry. Bush is merely altering the message to gain support for the action and the troops. If it wasn’t for the liberal media reporting nothing but the bad anti-American news, maybe the troops and the action would have more support.

Still, they know how to draw the laughs! Check 'em out!