Friday, July 08, 2005

London death toll 'at least 50'

BBC NEWS | UK | reports that "London bombs killed 'at least 50'" More updates on travel conditions here.

Britain's religious leaders meet Home Secretary Clarke:

"The response should be to ensure that those who try and destroy our multi-faith community should themselves not be able to succeed."
Charles Clarke
Home secretary
Details here.

Reminders of 9/11 aftermath: 'It's agonising to sit and wait'

Some updates from around St. Blog's:

Happy Catholic quotes a Brit's response (warning: mild language alert!):
Yes, we’ll take an excuse for a day off, throw a sickie. But you threaten us, try to kill us? Kill and injure some of us?

Fuck you, sunshine.

We’ll not be having that.

No grand demonstrations, few warlike chants, a desire for revenge, of course, but the reaction of the average man and woman in the street? Yes, you’ve tried it now bugger off. We’re not scared, no, you won’t change us. Even if we are scared, you can still bugger off.
Pro Ecclesia expresses American's solidarity with the Brits.

Still no update on James and Ella. Anyone know if they're OK?

Umbrae Canarum has links here.

Northwestern Winds has some updates from British bloggers.

Technorati is slammed. If they get up and running, they'll have update. Last time I checked, there were at least 900 links and counting.

Stand Fast, Great Britain. Once the sun never set on your empire. The blood that civilized the world still runs in your vains. The IRA could not break you. Neither will these butchers. Stand Fast. Remember, America stands with you. The civilized world stands with you. You are not alone!