Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Blogging Alert

Happy Catholic has an imposter. This troll uses Julie D.'s blog-name to badmouth and otherwise do the troll thing:
I got an email from Andrew (a.k.a. "The Good Twin" - he's as smart as he is funny, and that's saying something!) alerting me that someone is using "Happy Catholic" as a name in their comments boxes to say more mean things. As Andrew said, how stupid can this person be? Don't they know that Catholic bloggers network?

By the way, just in case the fake "HC's" IP address doesn't change, it is:; location: Santa Clara, CA. Needless to say, that is blocked here.
I've blocked this imposter's IP address as well. Whoever you are, count yourself lucky. You really have no idea what I can do with an IP address!

Might you humble Fool reccommend that all readers who blog also ban this individual, in solidarity to one of our own?