Thursday, August 04, 2005

I wonder what the Angry Twins Think of This

The Chicago Tribune reports that the "Pope gives Chinese priests warm welcome"

Here's their take:
Pope Benedict XVI greeted a group of priests from China "with particular affection" Wednesday, in what was believed to be the first time a pontiff has publicly welcomed members of China's state-controlled church.

The Vatican would not say whether the 28 priests were from the Communist Party-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association or the underground church loyal to Rome. But the Catholic news agency AsiaNews, which has close ties to the Vatican and has proved reliable on Vatican-China developments, said they were members of Beijing's official church.
I understand that the Vatican's relationship with the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association is...complicated. I have heard that some Bishops are secretly loyal to Rome while posturing membership in China's only legal Catholic affiliation. On the other hand, I've also heard that many Underground Catholics resent the Patriotic Association. Does anyone have the real deal?

The Vatican may be warming up to China for the sake of relations between the two States. This overture may be a good faith gesture on the part of the Holy See. What could this mean for Vatican relations with Taiwan? Stay tuned!