Wednesday, August 03, 2005

“Unscrambling the Meaning of Life?” fromEurop

Dennis leap explores that question for

He presents a solid report on the history of genomics--genetic science--and then analyzes the latest developments of genetic knowledge on society. It's not all rosy, but it's also not all bleak. However, Mr. Leap's main point is that genomics advocates have found their new tower of babel. They still want to arbitrate the ultimate meaning of life:
While doing research for this article, I found the most disturbing aspect of the new genetic research the desire by some to give it all some kind of spiritual meaning. A popular science magazine recently defined the human genome project as unscrambling “the meaning of life.” Even Newsweek referred to the human genetic code as the “book of life,” which is a biblical phrase (Rev. 3:5; 13:8; 20:12; 22:19).
The Reasonable have spoken. Once the technology is within humanity's reach, it is simply Foolish to cling to belief in some sort of God or higher power. After all, a people that can unlock the secret of the genome can eventually accomplish anything. What do they need God before.

Hasn't this unfortunate paradigm reared its ugly head once before? Oh, yeah! In the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Maybe even as early as the 18th century. Societies across the globe embraced the sad belief that scientific knowledge would soon eliminate all mysteries and relieve all suffering. The unfortunate fruit of such hubris was not the earthly paradise they had envisioned. The bitter fruit, instead, was the 20th century. That would be the same one that encompassed two world wars, a cold war, genocidal and totalitarian dictatorships, and, as Mr Weigal has eloquently put it, "mountains of corpse." Thus, societies--Western Civilization principally--proved scripture correct, once again: "Pride goeth before the fall!"

"Oh, but we're different this time," I can hear the Reasonable say, "We've learned not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Besides, a Trans-National government that socially engineers all of our lives and manages a socialist world economy will prevent societal abuses. Honest!"

Riiiight! Society has learned from the past. That's why Darfur rages on as the world's next genocide. Government can socially engineer all of our lives. That's why forty years of Great Society problem have resulted in the rise of Black woman's out-of-wedlock birthrate from 21% in 1964 to 75% in 1999 alone! A socialist economy will cure all of our ailes. That's why the Soviet Union collapsed, China and Vietnam fast-track to free market status, and Europe's own socialism bottoms out their economies. Yeah, brilliant.

Scientists can break the genetic code as they broke the atom. That will bring them no closer to the Ultimate Truth that all of us seek. Science can't replace religion. In fact, there's no valid reason why science and religion can't co-exist. Fools understand this. St. Thomas recognized this long ago; indeed, his use of Aristoliean logic in theology paved the way for science's predecessor, natural philosophy.

If society needs to determine how nature operates, look to science. If society wants to encounter Truth, look to Christ. It's as simple--and as difficult--as that.