Monday, August 08, 2005

Pataki Makes the Right Call

So says the

Hat tip to Wired Catholic

Regardless of his shameful "pro-choice" (read pro-abort) position as a Catholic governor, he vetoed the "morning-after pill" legislation that Albany Lawmakers had passed. The Catholic Conferences in NY and prolife groups are pleased:
The New York State Catholic Conference, which represents the state's eight bishops on public-policy issues, praised Gov. George Pataki's Aug. 4 veto of legislation that would have increased availability of the so-called morning-after pill.

In an Aug. 5 interview, Kathleen M. Gallagher, director of pro-life activities for the Albany-based conference, called the veto "a first step toward restoring some common sense into the policies of New York regarding abortion and contraception."

In June, the state Senate followed the Assembly's lead in passing the bill -- The Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act -- which would have allowed pharmacists to dispense emergency contraception without prescription.
Jann Armantrout, life-issues coordinator for the Diocese of Rochester, also praised Pataki for vetoing the bill.

"Not only does emergency contraception have the capacity to end the life of a newly developing human being, over-the-counter contraception has great potential to harm underage girls and women," she said. "The high-dose hormones used in emergency-contraception pills are the same hormones that are used in HRT (hormone replacement therapy), which menopausal women are being urged to use with caution because of the associated risks. It is unconscionable that high-dose hormonal emergency-contraceptive pills would be released to anyone without individual medical guidance."
His veto may be his audition for Presidential candidacy. It's definately a prescription for common sense:
Gallagher noted that common sense should have alerted the bill's supporters to deficiencies in the morning-after pill legislation.

"Of course children should be under a doctor's care when they receive powerful drugs," she said. "Of course children should be guided by the wisdom of their parents. And of course women should be aware that these pills can act prior to or after conception. Yet this bill just quashed common sense."
Pataki has kept these lawmakers honest.

Has our culture so reached the depths that our governments--even at the state level--puts the priorities of NARAL over legitimate rights of parents and sound medical practice? Not to mention common sense! Teen-age girls should not take this pill period. They certainly should not take it without a doctor's prescription! If this "medicine" contains HRT, which carries "associated risks" for menopausal women, why would anyone in their right mind promote their use for teenagers? This shameless attempt by the worshippers of Moloch to promote the Agenda should be decried by Fools everywhere. At least this time around, the normally Foolable Pataki acted like a Fool.